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2016 | Sagi Bornstein, Udi Nir | 75 min.

Young Israelis performing a rite of initiation, the “Journey to Poland”: seven days, three mass graves, four concentration camps, and cameras running all the time. An exercise in identity made up of YouTube videos – horror 2.0.



A quiet resistance

2019 | Therese Koppe |  74 min.

Erika and Tine, both 81, take a humorous look back at their lives in the GDR. At the time they fought for freedom, autonomy and their love – to the indignation of the prudish Stasi.


Art War

2013 | Marco Wilms |  87 min.

Art as a weapon! Graffiti on Cairo’s walls as a medium of rebellion, Egyptian underground artists as the chroniclers of events. A frenzied trip through colours and rhythms.



2016 | Sergei Loznitsa | 94 min.

Posing with selfie sticks, either in front of or behind the gate bearing the sign “Arbeit macht frei” (work sets you free). Concentration camp visitors, observed in sober black and white tableaux



Beauty and the Lawyer

2023 | Hovhannes Ishkanyan | 105 min.

"The Beauty and the Lawyer" by Hovhannes Ishkhanyan follows an Armenian family that, at first glance, appears like any other – mother, father, child. However, appearances can be deceiving.


Border Conversations

2022 | Jonathan Brunner | 30 min.

In November 2021, people tried to enter the EU via Belarus and Poland, but the route turned out to be a death trap. The film follows Polish activists on their mission to help.



Cabbage, Potatoes and Other Demons

2016 | Șerban Georgescu | 62 min.

A ton of cabbage for 20 Euros: the peasants in the Romanian community of Lunguleţu underbid each other with the prices for their products. Is there a way out of this dead end?


Chamber of Wonders

2021 | Susanne Kim | 79 min.

Four kids aged 12 to 14 let us in on their secrets and desires. They talk about what shapes their lives: friendship, but also bullying and ostracism. Love, but also the struggle with prejudice.



2014 | Laura Poitras | 114 min.

Edward Snowden and the surveillance system: gigantic intelligence service headquarters and a claustrophobically small hiding place. Spectacular and disturbing – a triptych of paranoia.


Coal Heap Kids

2017 | Frédéric Brunnquell | 52 min.

Northern France’s former coal mining region, now afflicted with poverty like an infectious disease. Two boys practise strengthening their immune system.


Do not resist

2016 | Craig Atkinson | 72 min.

A country on its way to becoming a police state: a journey through the US featuring astonishing material about the military industrial complex that’s behind the shootings of black people.




For the Time being

2023 | Nele Dehnenkamp | 90 min.

"For the Time Being" by Nele Dehnenkamp is a film that tells the story of Michelle's fight for justice while her husband, Jemaine Archer, has been imprisoned for murder since 1998. Michelle firmly believes in his innocence. The film explores whether their bond is strong enough to withstand 22 years of separation.


Family Shots

2017 | David Sieveking | 95 min.

Subjective and personal food for thought on the controversial subject of inoculation. The director, a family man himself, uses his own dilemma as a starting point for a humorous film about risks, chances and ideologies.


Fati's Choice

2021 | Fatimah Dadzie | 45 min.

A change of perspective on migration to Europe: Having returned because she missed her children, Fati meets with little understanding in her Ghanaian home village.


Favorite Daughter

2022 | Dana Reilly | 20 min.

Take: three generations of women in Covid lockdown in New York, enough white wine, vodka and time to talk about the really important issues.


2014 | Kiki Allgeier | 83 min.

Anorexic model Isabelle Caro’s trajectory from being the face of Benetton to death. The story of a foiled childhood and the perverse commercialisation of a disease.


Funeralopolis. A Suburban Portrait

2017 | Alessandro Redaelli | 94 min.

Two young men in a town near Milan who challenge life itself, love and death. They risk themselves because everything else seems even riskier.



Girl Model

2015 | David Redmon, Ashley Sabin | 78 min.

A mass casting in Siberia. 13-year-old Nadya has made it, she’s going to be a model, departing for a new world. A rare insight into a business, beyond model casting shows.


Granny Project

2017 | Bálint Révész | 90 min.

Three grandsons embark with their grannies on an anarchic journey into the past – a complex road movie about intergenerational dialogue in Great Britain, Hungary and Germany.







2023 | Sarah Mallégol | 108 min.

Only a few people are aware of the story, yet the Rwandan genocide claimed one million lives. Since the genocide in 1994, the population has been trying to come to terms with its history. "I thought we would never be able to speak again," says one of the protagonists in the film "Kumva - Which Comes from Silence."



Looking like my mother

2016 | Dominique Margot | 78 min.

The fear of becoming a depressive like her mother makes her tackle the disease, the seventies, Punk and herself. A hybrid road movie with surreal moments.


Lo que queda en el camino

2021 | Jakob Krese, Danilo Do Carmo | 93 min.

Lilian from Guatemala hopes for a better life in the USA. Thus, the caravan with Lilian, her 4 children, her grandmother and the camera team begins the 4000 km long journey through Central America.



Mamie 44

2023 | Lucie Dèche  | 55 min.

In the wine business of her father in southwestern France, an old family secret is brewing. The grandfather was executed by the Résistance in 1944 for collaborating with the Nazis. For decades, it went unspoken.

Martha & Niki

2016 | Tora Mkandawire Mårtens | 92 min.

Give it up for Martha and Niki! The two win one street dance battle after the other and even end up the first female team to win the world championship.


May God Be with You

2021 | Cléo Cohen | 77 min.

The young Frenchwoman Cléo Cohen has an identity crisis: Is she Jewish? Arab? Even her grandparents seem unclear about this. Cléo struggles for clarity: intensely, playfully.



2019 | Anne Scheschonk | 52 min.

The story of Maya, whose hair fell out completely when she was twelve. A film about searching and finding oneself and what it means to love oneself. With or without hair.




2021 | Ole Jacobs, Arne Büttner | 120 min.

This filmic portrait of the Afghan woman Nasim shows her everyday life at the refugee camp Moria in a compassionate, human way.



On Another Corner

2017 | Mihaela Popescu | 17 min.

Teddy bears against a fence, children’s photos, coloured balloons, hanging heads, a struggle for composure, grief. It’s both state of emergency and everyday life.


One Day in Sarajevo

2015 | Jasmila Žbanić | 60 min.

On the 100th anniversary of the assassination that triggered the First World War: observations at the scene of the event in Sarajevo. A multilayered reflection on the open character of history.


Our Quiet Place

2021 | Elitza Gueorguieva | 68 min.

By adopting the French language, Belarusian writer Aliona Gloukhova has found a way to write about her vanished father. Director Elitza Gueorguieva follows this process, which culminates in the publication of a book.



Paper Land

2018 |Marie van Vollenhoven, Shahib Sabriye Sidow | 52 min.

A creative chamber play that explores the question of how belonging and integration can be reduced to absurdity by structural racism.


Pink Mao

2021 | Tang Han | 22 min.

A witty investigation into structures of perception and representation using a unit of currency that should be taken very seriously in global capitalism: 100 Chinese Yuan.




Revolution 21

2022 | Martyna Peszko | 53 min.

Inspired by a political protest movement, the Teatr 21 – a theatre company of acting enthusiasts with Down’s syndrome – develops a play in which the participants articulate their wishes and demands.




2017 | Mark Michel | 85 min.

A journey into the interior worlds of a young woman who despite her handicap found a way to communicate with the world. Touching, poetic and enlightening.


Sentenced to death

2018 | Ahmad Jalili Jahromi | 48 min.

A group portrait of confident female criminals in Iran: neither charismatic bad girls nor victims of circumstances, but women with soft spots and hard edges, beyond familiar stereotypes.



The Balcony Movie

2021 | Paweł Łoziński | 100 min.

For two years, Paweł Łoziński set up his camera on the balcony and struck up conversations with the passers-by. A fascinating experimental set-up.


The Congo Tribunal

2017 | Milo Rau | 100 min.

The parties of a global civil war face a symbolic tribunal – in Congo and Berlin. A distressing, analytical and probing examination of the neo-colonial world order.


The Dependents

2022 | Sofía Brockenshire | 90 min.

For thirty years, Sofía Brockenshire’s father travelled the world as an official of the Canadian Immigration Service, his family always by his side. Diaries and other contemporary documents show the numerous places they lived.


The Prison in Twelve Landscapes

2016 | Brett Story | 87 min.

The American prison system as economic factor and part of everyday life.


The Wages of John Pernia

2023 | Ben Young | 8 min.

In his short film "The Wages of John Pernia," Ben Young explores the life of his famous ancestor, the explorer Meriwether Lewis. However, the film focuses more on Lewis's alleged love story with a fellow companion.


Tuba Thieves

2023 | Alison O’Daniel | 91 min.

A series of tuba thefts that occurred ten years ago in Californian schools serves as the starting point for a multifaceted and amusing reflection on sounds and music, as they manifest in images and can be described with words.




2023 | Agnieszka Zwiefka | 74 min.

Vika, the 84-year-old protagonist, a mother and grandmother multiple times over, looks back on a challenging childhood and many years of work in a "conventional" profession. Upon retiring, she seized the opportunity to reinvent herself. She became a DJ and a star of the nightclubs in Warsaw.


When the Bull Cried

2017 | Karen Vázquez Guadarrama, Bart Goossens | 66 min.

A visually stunning excursion into the Bolivian Andes where miners are hoping for the big find. Perilous working conditions, archaic rituals and big dreams cheek by jowl.


When will the winter of 2022 end?

2022 | Hanna Trofimova | 23 min.

With this personal video diary from Kyiv, artist Hanna Trofimova manages to make us comprehend something of how the war infiltrates and destroys life and everyday routines, even if one’s own apartment has not been hit by a bomb yet.


Where we Belong

2019 | Jaqueline Zünd | 78 min.

Analytically and eloquently, five children of separated couples talk about the questions and gaps left by their parents. It’s up to them and us to decide what normality means.