FEMMEfille – Beauty as we Know It?

What is beauty? Maybe you would answer this question with one of the big names of the model business. But the story of the model Isabelle Caro is the best example, that the pursuit of beauty can have fatal consequences. Caro starved herself until she weighted only 32 kilo – she was 1,80 meter tall. 2007 Isabell Caro became famous due to of a photo campaign by Benetton. Huge posters of her haggard body seamed the streets of big cities like Paris and Milan. The campaign was designed to warn young girls and women. It sets a scaring example.

Kiki Allgeier with Annika and Harley

The filmmaker Kiki Allgeier was on Isabell Caro’s side during this phase. Over several years she accompanied the model on her way between the hype, the dream to be an actress and her self-choosen role as the “poster child for anorexia“. After Caro’s death in November 2010 (age 28) Kiki Allgeier received photos, diaries and videos from Isabell – she decided to tell her story.

The documentary “FEMMEfille” shows the life of Isabell Caro in all its tragedy. We talked with Kiki Allgeier about her film and her own beauty ideal.

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