Destination is clear: Funeralopolis

About the film “Funeralopolis” by Alessandro Redaelli:

Losing senses is a way to find a sense. On the dirty train toilet injection equipment. Cut. A belt around the skinny arm. A black aperture. A needle in the vein. A black aperture. Blood groove. Can we wash ourselves with the water here? Better not. Between Bresso, Sesto Sa Giovanni and Miland we meet Vash and Felce. Vash is younger than Felce, full of energy and has a hairstyle that makes him look “like a mushroom”. Felce studied architecture. They make music, take drugs and party.

Our Dok Spotter Helene wrote this Text after watching „Funeralopolis“.

At some point Felce and Vash
Are somewhere at a burial site.
Every light a dead
Somebody says:
This has nothing more to do with religion.

And you can’t do anything.
To only watch these two how the systematically destroy themselves.
Without perceiving it as destruction.

Vash believes he is a musician. He has something like a girlfriend.
If Felce even feels anything anymore is not clear.

The world dissolves into bleakness.
The picture sinks into ecstasy.
Vash and Felce are sinking too.

When Felce burries his needles symbolically, it almost feels like hope.
But only almost.
You know it better.

For Vash it is one big party, he doesn’t want to get off of the train.

Nothing of this is beautiful or clean.
But sometimes you feel Vash’s feelings.
Sometimes you feel Felce’s feelings and seem,
No try,
To understand.

The comprehension diminishes when you see Athos,

Their train doesn’t stop.
High speed, to brake is impossible, destination unknown.

Destination is clear:

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