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“The Beauty and the Lawyer” by Hovhannes Ishkhanyan follows an Armenian family that, at first glance, appears like any other – mother, father, child. However, appearances can be deceiving.

Hasmik is a lawyer who advocates for the rights of queer individuals in Armenia, while her husband Garik is known as the drag queen Carabina. Between these two, the discriminatory backdrop of Armenia, and the organization “Pink Armenia,” the film provides insight into their everyday family life.

The director Hovhannes Ishkhanyan spent over five years accompanying the family, capturing their beautiful and challenging moments. The film sheds light on the discrimination that queer individuals in Armenia face daily, making a powerful statement.

The film deeply moved us and prompted reflection. We interviewed Hovhannes Ishkhanyan.


Gesine, Hedi, Sascha, Miriam

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