What is love?

“Beauty and the Lawyer,” directed by Hovhannes Ishkhanyan, follows an Armenian family that, at first glance, appears like any other – mother, father, child. However, appearances can be deceiving. Hasmik advocates for the rights of queer individuals, while her husband Garik is known as a drag queen. The director spent over five years documenting their family’s journey.

[Silence] [stretched tuba]

Anyone who still doesn’t understand the title definitely hasn’t seen the film “The Tuba Thieves.” In the USA, a significant number of tubas from school orchestras were repeatedly stolen. However, the film “The Tuba Thieves” doesn’t revolve around these thefts; instead, it’s a portrait of sounds, noises, and tones.

“I had to stay.”

In her video diary the Ukrainian director Hanna Trofimova takes us into her life, in the midst of war. She shows images of fear and tells about the guilt she feels, leaving her homeland behind. We met her for an interview about her film “When will the Winter of 2022 end ?“