“Basically no sleep”

Lilian hits the road with her four children and her grandmother. She wants to get away from her abusive husband and hopes for a better life in the USA. Thus, the caravan with Lilian, her children, her grandmother and the camera team begins the 4000 km long journey through Guatemala.


There are exciting conversations along the way, and you learn a lot about life in Central America. Danilo Do Carmo is the co-director of the film “Lo que queda en el camino” and talks to us about the fear of death and the precarious conditions during the trip. In the desert, they were without food. While the caravan slept, they looked for a power source and wondered how to move forward. The topicality of the problem breaks down on the viewer with brutal severity. In this documentary, the focus remains on Lilian and thus conveys a very personal and fascinating story.


Author: Thilo

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