“Misusing of History”

The movie „One Day in Sarajevo“ (More Information) takes place in Sarajevo exactly one hundred years after the beginning of the first world war. The director, Jasmila Zbanić, asked people to film what they do on the 28th of June 2014. The outcome of this shows many funny moments and a multilayered view of how people deal with history in a movie.

In our interview with her we talk about her time as a jury member at DOK Leipzig 2015, the history of Bosnia, nationalistic movements and of course – about her film.


You are in the jury at the DOK-Festival, what is it like to see so many different movies from different directors? 

This year, there are many movies about refugees and in Germany there are many refugees from Kosovo. They come here because the consequences of the Yugoslavia-War are still noticeable, is this also a problem for Bosnia?

Your movie is about the beginning of the first world war and also about Gavrilo Princip. He is a very controversial person from history. What do you think about Gavrilo Princip and about what he did? 


There are many national movements in Europe, like the Front National or Ukip. What do you think is the reason for the formation of these national movements? Why now? 

In your movie you use material from cameras or smartphones. How did you get that material? 

In all your movies you had a special focus on the Ex-Yugoslavia region. Do you want to continue to focus on Ex-Yugoslavia in the future or would you like to expand? 


“One Day in Sarajevo” by DOK Leipzig

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