Wenn das Land der Freiheit, zum Land der Gefangen wird
Brett Story narrates in her film the history of prisoners and looks at the reasons for their imprisonment. She highlights the absurdities of the US prison system.

From the Land of the Imprisoned

Bild aus dem Film 2
Israeli students on a class trip through former concentration camps in Poland: #uploading_holocaust is a complilation of videos made by these students themselves. The DOK Spotters spoke to the director Udi Nir about the various reactions.

Journey to #holocaust

Aardman is the production team of the childhood heros "Shaun the sheep", "Wallace and Gromit" and "Morph". We met David Sproxton, one of the creative masterminds of the studio, and put some clay in his hands!

Talking to David Sproxton

Martha & Niki on their trip to the hip hop street dance heaven and the musical life of a subway station in New York: Two special films from the hip hip special programme of DOK Leipzig.

We are Hip Hop!

You surely have realized the big white dome on the market place of Leipzig - it belongs to DOK Neuland. This is an interactive exhibition, which includes six international artists presenting their ideas of new forms and perspectives of documentary story telling.

DOK Spotters in Neuland

Starting next week the films will be rolling again on the 59th International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film. The DOK Spotters are already in action, cruising through Leipzig. We will start our journey with our journalistic tools, not knowing where it ends. 14 young journalists are out and about during the festival. Meet them here.

DOK Spotters 2016 are ready for action

We met Leena Pasanen - the director of the DOK Festival to talk about her filled time schedule and her love for documentaries and animations.

The balance between work and leisure

"Girl Model", DOK Leipzig
The movie "Girl Model" belongs to the DOK Programme "Bodycheck": Young russian girls on the model market in Japan. What looks like a dream, turns out to be an illusion.

A Pretty Illusion

Who did actually invent the Simpsons? We met up with one of the "Masters" of the popular family - David Silverman.

One Master of the Simpsons