Bodycheck – Beyond a cult of the body

“What do I look like? How do others see me? How important is appearance anyways? The conflict between self-image, one’s own body, and its limits is a hot topic among adolescents. The special program “Bodycheck” presents films that deal with these issues from a young person’s perspective.”

The DOK Spotters talked to Kim Busch, who curated the special program. In this Interview she tells us what the topics body and mew Media have in common and describes her image of the perfect body. But does that really exist?


IMG_58423 adjectives that describe you: humorous, self-conscious, redheaded

Interests next to work: movies, playing the piano, cats

Which movie impressed you and why? „Alles steht Kopf“, because it shows the range of what can happen inside a person. And that many things aren´t like they seem, but that there is always a connection with emotions.

What is a good documentary for you? One that makes me forget that I am watching a movie. So to say a film, which opens up new worlds and new aspects of myself.

What is your wish for the next days? More sleep.



The movies of the Special Programme are shown again this week:

29.10.2015 at 15.30 h in CineStar 5:

This chair is not me“, UK, 2013, 10 Min.

T-Rex“, USA, 2015, 89 Min. (Trailer)

30.10.2015 at15.30 h in CineStar 5:

Bite Size“, USA, 2014, 79 Min. (Trailer)

My dearest f#cking phone“, Netherlands, 2015, 16 Min.

31.10.2015 at 13:15 Uhr in CineStar 4:

1977“, UK/Spain, 2007, 8 Min.

Girl Model“, Ireland, 2011, 78 Min.




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