Meet DOK Spotters: Leena Passanen

In their first entry DOK Spotters 2019 spoke to festival director Leena Pasanen: about her highlights of the last few years, her recommendations for young audiences and what she will miss about Leipzig.

How would you describe yourself in three words?
I am calm, positive and willing to take risks.

If you made your movie – What would it be about?
I think the movie would be about my mother and sister. They are two crazy 80- and 90-year-old ladies who are very advanced when it comes to new media. My mother always writes WhatsApp messages, uses Skype and Facetime with me. She even taught her dog to do that. I think that could be a funny and encouraging story. sein.

What is a must-see at DOK-Leipzig or which event should you not miss?

I think for me – that’s what I really love about DOK-Leipzig – it is the venue at the central station. I love that very different person come together there. The audience is very diverse, and it’s so cool to watch films with all these people!

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