Vaccinations – yes or no?

David Sieveking, the director of the films “Vergiss mein Nicht” and “David wants to fly” is also a participant of this years festival, again with a very personal film. In “Eingeimpft” he deals with one of the most important questions for parents: vaccination – yes or no?

Sieveking gives insights into his personal life in combination with a broad research concerning the topic.

To begin with, David Sieveking introduces his family and their everyday life. With the birth of his daughter Zaria the discussion about vaccinating evolves. For Sieveking it is clear that his daughter will be vaccinated. His wife has a different opinion, since her body is very sensitive to vaccine. She wants to protect her daughter from this. Zaria is very healthy and is growing up quite well.

A long period of research follows, steeping into the topic. The research brings him to France, Guinea-Bissau and to Denmark.

With the help of a former expert of the Paul-Ehrlich-Institute, he discovers a vaccination scandal and speaks to different experts, pharmaceutical corporations and research institutes. An expert from Denmark invites him on a trip to Africa, which Sieveking accepts and follows him to Guinea-Bissau. In Denmark the results are evaluated.

Lastly, the opinion of the expert from Denmark is crucial for Sieveking and his wife, who has studied this for decades in Africa. He has come to an interesting conclusion.

The result in the documentary movie is no clear “yes” or “no”. In a talk after ths screening at the DOK festival, David Sieveking underlines that his film is a thought-provoking impulse and not an instruction.

From my perspective the film “Eingeimpft” is thought-provoking. Different aspects are shown, however it does not lack humor. Especially the personal aspect from David Sieveking’s life is very much worth watching.

Eingeimpft” is a subjective documentation full of love and humor. David Sieveking has once again made it into the movies with his film. Substance to think about – from the life of David Sieveking.

“Eingeimpft” will be shown in cinemas in spring 2018.

An article by Lina Reich

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