The balance between work and leisure

Three questions to Leena Pasanen


When do you get up and when do you go to sleep during the festival?

Well, the festival week is quite special: I do get up not before seven o ́clock I have to say, but then I usually go to sleep in the small hours somewhere around 2 am. My calender looks absolutely ridiculous, for the whole week I ́m just running from one place to another.

How many films do you usually watch in one month?

Depending on the month. I would say that in every month there are several films, because I travel to a lot to different festivals, workshops and marketplaces. Quite often they ́re unfinished films. When it comes to June, July and August, its our selection session. Then I watch hundreds of films, maybe 200-300 all together. Compared to our selection committee members that´s nothing, their average amount is 600-800 films.

One good and one bad habit you have?

I think I only have bad habits. Do I have good habits? I like helping strangers, maybe thats a good habit. Whenever I see somebody somehow in trouble I try to help them, if I can. My bad habit, I eat junk food, when I ́m tired and don ́t have any time to cook.


We met Leena Pasanen – the director of the DOK Festival – to talk about her filled time schedule and her love for documentaries and animations.

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