The festival director and her fat, little pony

Leena Pasanen

Leena Pasanen, 50

3 adjectives that describe you: spontaneous, risk-taking and most of the time very happy

Interests – beside work: My horse, because I’m a horse rider and take care of my fat, little pony every day.

What defines a good documentary? A film with a very high artistic level, that presents a specific handwriting of the director and also a point of view of the director.

Which film has impressed you lately and why? There are so many films at the festival and almost all of them are impressing me. For example “The Longest Run”: A refugees-story, that showed me the situation of the kids.

What is your wish for the next days? Good weather. Because that would mean that people go out and come to see films in the cinema and the international guests can see Leipzig in its full beauty.

It’s almost been a year since the new festival director Leena Pasanen moved to Leipzig. Before the DOK really started, we had the opportunity to meet her and to ask her a few exclusive questions about the festival, but also to her as a person.


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