Starring the DOK Spotters 2014

After more than 60 hours of work and not more than 30 hours sleep, after countless movies and film talks and a multitude of published articles by the DOK Spotters, DOK Leipzig is over now. What this means for us? A last gettogether to see what we’ve done. For our final presentation we selected a compilation of our work. Here is what our presentation looked like:



It was a very interesting, but also a very stressful time. We produced a one-hour-radioshow for Radio Blau, wrote two articles for the local newspaper LVZ and more than 20 articles for our own blog. Here are a few impressions of how our week as DOK Spotters looked like:



We want to say thank you to all partners ans supporters, who made this week possible. We are really looking forward to the DOK Festival 2015!

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