“Neuland” at DOK Leipzig

If you’ve walked through the inner city in the last days, you’ve surely realized the two white bubbles on the market place. There DOK Leipzig is presenting new, interactive and multimedia-based projects. DOK Neuland is the name of the new program, where all festival visitors can experience non-fictional stories in the web, with apps and virtual reality.

20151027_143824Britta Senn, curator DOK Neuland

3 adjectives that describe you: curious, creative, I’ll think about the third one…

Interests – beside work: reading books, being online, meeting friends

What defines a good documentary? If it shows me an unknown world, no matter if it is in front of my door or on the other end of the world

Which film has impressed you lately and why? „Don’t think I’ve forgotten“

What is your wish for the next days? To impress people with the things I love, to get to know new people and have a lot of fun.


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