Carolin Ziemann

job: curator / author / educationist

3 characteristic adjectives:  curious, critical, cordial

favorite movie: "Gambling, Gods and LSD" Peter Mettler, "Braindead" Peter Jackson, "Louisa" Katharina Peters

nicest memory of the DOK Spotters:  bright eyes when the Trailer of the DOK Spotters was shown on the big screen at the award ceremony

What do you like about DOK Leipzig?: insights into other worlds, new impression, real emotions, humans

Christin Schulz

job: Journalist and VJ-Coach

3 characteristic adjectives: optimistic, curious, relaxed

favorite movie: The „one“ favorite movie doesn't exist. But at DOK 2018 I really liked „Childhood", because it reminded me of the inner child, we should never forget. And because I still don't understand why there are no playgrounds for adults.

nicest memory of the DOK Spotters: Still collecting good memories 😉

What do you like about DOK Leipzig? The unadorned reality of different worlds. New styles, perspectives and ways of storytelling. The people behind the scenes.

Katja Schmidt

job: journalist and media educationist

3 characteristic adjectives:  curious, honest, open minded

favorite movie: "Giftchen" (Konrad Kästner), "Vergiss mein nicht" (David Sieveking)

nicest memory of the DOK Spotters:  we were sitting in the award ceremony and very surprisingly for the DOK Spotters their trailer was shown - everyone was very happy

What do you like about DOK Leipzig?: for me, DOK Leipzig is a week full of tension, input, new topics, touching stories and interesting people

Paulin Schwarze

3 characteristic adjectives: empathic, enthusiastic, open-minded

your job in the DOK Spotters crew: Keeping track of everything organizational and helping wherever help is needed.

favorite movie: "Fabian oder Der Gang vor die Hunde" - the phenomenal film adaptation of my favorite book by Erich Kästner.

nicest memory of the DOK Spotters: I have awesome memories about my own time as a DOK Spotter and I'm very happy to be one of the coaches now.

What do you like about DOK Leipzig? I like that the festival brings you closer to topics you never thought about before and allows us to meet inspiring people from all over the world.

Johannes Gersten

3 characteristic adjectives: well-balanced, playful, pragmatic

your job in the DOK Spotters crew: I accompany and support everyone, who is shooting or editing video material

favorite movie: Since a long long time "Harold and Maude" from Hal Ashby.

nicest memory of the DOK Spotters: Because I'm a new coach, I don't have too much memories, I just remember our first informal team meeting

What do you like about DOK Leipzig?: I like to look behind the scenes and watch very good documentaries. Besides I'm a media educationist with all my heart and soul and I'm really looking forward to this project, because the motivation of the whole crew already catched me.

Former Coaches

Anna Diepold

job: Head of planning and organizing 😉
3 characteristic adjectives: creative, well structured, enthusiastic

favorite movie: Beautiful Boy

nicest memory of the DOK Spotters: Growing together as a team, from the first day till the relief after the last presentation.

Radio, Video or Blog? I am Anna from the Blog!

Felix Bielefeld

In 3 words: do not rest!

Your job at the DOK Spotters? Support, where ever it is needed, especially video and technical support.

Favorit movie: "Jibril"from Henrika Kull. And everything from Pedro Almodóvar.

Favorit memory of the DOK Spotters? No memories yet, I'am curious.

Radio, Video oder Blog? All three things are interesting, but I can't resist moving pictures. So: Video.

Cornelia Jonas

job: student and assistant at DOK Leipzig

3 characteristic adjectives:  curious, optimistic, world open

favorite movie"Stand by me", "Life in Stills" (Tamar Tal) und "Joanna" (Aneta Kopacz)

nicest memory of the DOK Spotters:  very motivated and expectant exchange

What do you like about DOK Leipzig?: movies, which observe the common, try to get to the button and stay in memory quiet long. A lot of interesting people, one week exceptional circumstances

Peter Bauer

job: media educationist

3 characteristic adjectives:  curious, empathic, friendly

favorite movie"Vergiss mein nicht!" (Michel Gondry),“Edward mit den Scherenhänden” (Tim Burton), “Die Beschissenheit der Dinge” (Felix Van Groeningen)

nicest memory of the DOK Spotters:  I am still collecting 😉

What do you like about DOK Leipzig?: new impressions, new colleagues, new surrounding, impressive pictures, touching stories, big and real emotions, goosebumps

Robert Mechs

job: speech coach and  radio person (who also likes movies)

3 characteristic adjectives:  open minded, connective and challenging

favorite movie"Plastic Planet" (Werner Boote), "Doing Time, doing Vipassana"

nicest memory of the DOK Spotters:  when the radio show was produced, the tension was over and we walked out of the studio very proud

What do you like about DOK Leipzig?: critical and esthetic documentaries, stories of humans, who really touch me, close and personal, important topics

Stefanie Gerressen


job: journalist

3 characteristic adjectives:  open minded, awake, sensitive

favorite movieMy first documentary "Die Wüste lebt", "The Artist is Present" und "Deep Love"

nicest memory of the DOK Spotters:  to see how much a few movies touched the DOK Spotters

What do you like about DOK Leipzig?: the DOK can contain everything and it amazes me over and over again how many good, sad, interesting and explosive topics the life has

Judith Hoffmeister


job: media educationist

3 characteristic adjectives:  funny, dedicated, emotional

favorite movie: "C'est la vie - So sind wir, so ist das Leben" (Rémi Besançon), "Metropolis" (Fritz Lang), "The Big Lebowski" (Ethan Coen &Joel Coen)

nicest memory of the DOK Spotters:  curious youngsters, who produce features with a lot of fun, hard work and energy

What do you like about DOK Leipzig?: to discover new things and see old things in a new light. See many aspects of humans in different movies

Sophie Hellriegel


job: media scientist

3 characteristic adjectives:  happy, faithful, creative

favorite movie: "Die Spielwütigen" (Andres Viel), "David wants to Fly" und "Vergiss mein nicht" (David Sieveking)

nicest memory of the DOK Spotters:  a lot of euphoria, excitement and true joy because of the realized projects

What do you like about DOK Leipzig?: foreign and own worlds, animation, touching stories, wide program

Franziska Wolff

In 3 words: in love with radio (one word in german), fair, caring

Your job at the DOK Spotters? Head of radio 😉

Favorit movie: Tallullah

Favorit memory with the DOK Spotters? Unfortunately no memories yet.

Radio, Video oder Blog?: radio

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