DOK Spotters 2012

The 55. International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film is a festival of records. 198 films from 113 countries, 26 world premiers. For the DOK Spotters there is a record as well: We have chosen 14 brave ones to report on DOK Leipzig.

Clara (14)

dedicated, high-flying, self-confident

school: Geschwister-Scholl-Gymnasium Taucha

favorite movie: War Horse

interests: music, reading, writing

Amélie (16)

creative, open minded, self-confident

school: Reclamgymnasium  Leipzig

favorite movie: Fight Club, The Art of The Flight

interesse: water sports, tennis, art, photography, english language, brains, Street Art

Max (16)

funny, friendly, curious

school: Leibniz-Gymnasium Leipzig

favorite movie: Shoot Em' Up

interests: movies, photography, graphic design

Daniel (15)

sensitive, humorous, open minded

school: Evangelisches Schulzentrum Leipzig

favorite movie: Inception

interests: politics, nature, music, diving

Fabi (16)

funny, thoughtful, lazy

school: Leibniz-Gymnasium Leipzig

favorite movie: The Big Lebowski

interests: movies, music

Lisa-Marie (14)

polite, creative, dedicated

school: Neues Nikolai Gymnasium Leipzig

favorite movie: Desert Flower

interests: writing, music

Jasper (17)

thirsty for knowledge, skeptical, impatient

school: Evangelisches Schulzentrum

favorite movie: Amok he was quiet man

interests: climbing, handball, Ultimate

Richard (15)

incautious, calm, lazy

school: Petrischule Leipzig

interests: drums, climbing, reading

favorite movie: Resident Evil 1

Louisa (15)

interested, musical, honest

school: Landesgymnasium für Musik Wernigerode

favorite movie: Submarine

interests: music, singing, writing

Sebastian (14)

chatty, friendly technology nerd

school: Mittelschule Delitzsch-Nord

favorite movie: Gone in 60 seconds

interests: DJ, audio technology

Lucie (16)

chaotic, open minded, dedicated

school: Leipzig Internationalschool

interests: music, theater, journalism

favorite movie: J'ai tué ma mère

Kim-Marie (19)

happy, optimistic, open minded

school: University of Leipzig

favorite movie: Notting Hill

interests: literature und cinema

Laura (16)

open minded, humorous, insightfully

school: Anton-Philipp-Reclam-Gymnasium

favorite movie:  J'ai tué ma mère

interests: theater, cello, baking and cooking

Isabel (18)

faithful, decent, dedicated

school: RSG Leipzig

favorite movie: August Rush

interests: sport, art