DOK Spotters 2011

Nine brave ones – one mission

This year nine youngsters between 14 and 18 were chosen to be the young journalists of DOK Leipzig. A very big mission, because there are more then 340 films and filmmakers from all over the world, interesting projects, workshops and discussions. And of course the DOK Spotters want to look behind the scenes as well.

Curious and ambitious

Eva, Franzi, Krissi, Hana, Richard, Daniel, Sophie, Lukas and Paul want to report a whole week on the DOK Festival. Therefor they do interviews, produce radio features and video reports and write articles for the local newspaper as well as for online media. Of course they are watching a lot of films and write down their recommendations.

Before they started the “real” work, the DOK Spotters had enough time to produce a shot video about themselves: