Meet DOK Leipzig: Kim Busch

Kim Busch is the program coordinator of DOK Festival. She organizes and plans the tasks and sends the invitations. We are meeting her at the Museum of Fine Arts for the interview, in order to ask about her responsibilities, DOK Festival and herself.

Which three qualities make you unique?
I’m an open person, with a good sense of humour and I know what I want.

Is there a movie from the time of your childhood or young adulthood, which you remember as special? Why?
When I was 14, my favourite movie was Harold and Maude. It is about a very unusual couple. The woman was 70 or 80 years old, and the man was in his 20s. The movie shows how it is important not to follow social conventions, but to be your true self. I believe this movie influenced my life.

On which topic would you eventually like to make a documentary?
We often joke how we would love to make a movie about the organization process of this festival. Maybe it would be super boring for those who stayed outside, but sometimes things that are happening here could be interesting to film. I think I would start with that.

Interviewer: Carla

Our interview with Kim Busch is available with english subtitles:

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