DOK Spotters in Neuland

You surely have realized the big white dome on the market place of Leipzig – it belongs to DOK Neuland. This is an interactive exhibition, which includes six international artists presenting their ideas of new forms and perspectives of documentary story telling. This year there are various stations you can explore, with VR, holograms, Scrolling graphic novels, and a web documentary. We tested three of the projects.


Fouzi Louahem, Anton Iffland Stettner


France, UK 2016, VR-Experience

We don’t remember the first days of our life, especially the ones right after birth. Suddenly we’re in the world – the first vague memories of some day, somewhere emerge. Our long term memory only starts to develop in the second year of our life. The beginning of life remains a dim hole in our memory. With “Life to Come 360°” audiences can enter the virtual reality of a neonatal ward and experience life there from the point of view of a preemie.

The docu-fiction is part of the “ARTE360” app.


Nina Wesemann, Daniel Hengst, Frank Génot, Lars Ullrich


Germany 2016, Virtual Reality Installation

You’re alone on an island full of people but nobody sees you. You can listen to them, watch them unabashedly, but not interact with them. They stand in space like artefacts. One of these holograms looks like you. How do you still justify your existence when nobody perceives you? This is about the ambivalence of being alone in a group, about exploring the other and the familiar.

The visitors to the exhibition are scanned as holograms, interviewed and can then explore the island themselves.



Pierre Cattan, Alexandrine Stehelin, Marietta Ren

phalaniaFrance 2016

It starts slowly. Fish are swimming through the air. A veil descends over our eyes before everything liquefies. And then the giant white whales … This is the story of Audrey, a girl who hallucinates whales all around her. An intimate adventure begins – that of a personal transformation. “Phallaina” is a haunting, vertically scrollable graphic novel with parallax effects.

A hybrid narrative form, beautifully illustrated by Marietta Ren.


Text, camera and editoring: Anton, Sebastian, Florian und Peter

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